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Body Massages          

Orchid’s Relaxing Body Massage                                        60 min. Rp. 100,000

Orchid’s Relaxing Body Massage                                        90 min. Rp. 150,000

Deep Tissue Body Massage                                                  60 min. Rp. 140,000

Deep Tissue Body Massage                                                  90 min  Rp. 200,000

Shiatsu Body Massage                                                           60 min  Rp.  130.000

Orchid’s Signature Body Massage                                      90 min  Rp. 200,000

Treatments with refreshing Tonic, Aromatherapy Massage & Body Lotion

Back Massage                                                                          30 min  Rp . 70,000

Leg Massage                                                                             45 min  Rp.  80,000

Shoulder & Neck Massage                                                    30 min  Rp.  70.000

Shoulder, Neck & Head Massage                                         45 min  Rp. 120.000

Hand Massage                                                                          30 min  Rp.  50.000

Massage-Reflexology Combo                                               100 min.  Rp. 190,000

A healing effect combined with relaxing enjoyment     

“Orchid’s Jewel”                                                                      120 min. Rp. 270,000

 A combination of Foot Bath, Foot Massage, Reflexology & Body Massage

Herbal Massage                                                                        90 min. Rp. 200,000

A Ayurvedic Massage with heated herbs, packed into linen bags & implicated with rhythmic massage strokes


Foot Massages & Reflexology          

Foot Bath with flowers, salt & essential oil                           30 min  Rp. 50,000

Foot Massage &  Hot Towel                                                    30 min  Rp. 60.000                                  

Foot Reflexology                                                                        45 min  Rp  100,000  

A healing experience in all aspects of body anatomy


Therapy Massages

Orchid’s Warm Stone Massage                                             60 min  Rp.160,000

Warm Stone Massage                                                              90 min  Rp.210,000

Aromatherapy Body Massage                                                 60 min Rp.150,000

Aromatherapy Body Massage                                                 90 min Rp.200,000


Body & Beauty Treatment          

Orchid’s Beauty Body Wrap                                                   120 min. Rp.270,000

A 2 hours heavenly treatment of a rejuvenating experience, starting with a relaxing massage, continued with a body wrap in banana leaf using a Papaya and Candlenut masque for the perfect & deep penetration and cleansing.


Orchid’s Mud Body Wrap                                                          120 min. Rp.270,000

Enjoy an Aromatherapy Massage, followed by a full body Mud Wrap – a treatment to slim and tone your body, hydrate and firm your skin and relax & sooth the muscles

Orchid’s Seaweed Body Wrap                                                120 min. Rp.270,000

Enjoy an Aromatherapy Massage, followed by a full body Seaweed Wrap – a wonderful treatment to detoxify your body

Body Scrub with Chocolate                                                      45 min  Rp.140,000

Body Scrub with Green Tea                                                      45 min  Rp.140,000

Body Scrub with Coffee                                                             45 min  Rp.140,000

Body Scrub with Herbal paste                                                 45 min  Rp.140,000

Body Scrub with Avocado                                                         45 min  Rp.140.000

Body Scrub with Seaweed                                                        45 min  Rp.140.000

Body Scrub with Mud                                                                 45 min  Rp.140,000


Facial (includes head massages)          

Orchid’s Signature Facial                                                          70 min  Rp. 170,000

The Refresher Facial                                                                  60 min  Rp. 160,000

Cucumber Facial                                                                         60 min   Rp 160,000                 

Chocolate Facial                                                                          60 min   Rp 160,000


Nail Care & Nail Art

Nail Polish                                                                                      30 min  Rp. 50.000

Manicure                                                                                        45 min. Rp.120,000

French Manicure                                                                          45 min. Rp.120,000

Pedicure                                                                                         45min.  Rp.120,000

Nail Art (painting of flowers)                                                      40 min   Rp  80,000

Manicure & Nail Art                                                                      60 min.  Rp.150,000

Pedicure & Nail Art                                                                       60 min.  Rp.150,000

Manicure-Pedicure-Nail Art Combo                                         90min.   Rp.270,000



Full Leg                                                                                           Rp. 220.000 

Half Leg                                                                                          Rp. 120.000

Under Arm                                                                                     Rp. 80.000

Back                                                                                                Rp. 275.000

Bikini Line                                                                                      Rp. 120.000

Chest                                                                                              Rp. 220.000


Ear Candle ( Includes shoulder, head & neck massage )

Ear Candle                                                                                    45 min  Rp. 120.000                                                          


Orchid’s ‘For You’                                                                        2.5 hours   Rp.360,000

To help relieve stress--Foot bath in essential oil, foot massage & foot reflexology, aromatherapy body massage, a relaxing herbal body scrub. A refreshing ginger tea

‘Heavenly Dream’                                                                        2.5 hours  Rp. 480.000

A relaxing foot bath with essential oil, a refreshing body cleansing with tonic, full body treatment with green tea lotion, an aromatherapy body massage, foot reflexology, manicure or pedicure- a refreshing ginger tea                                                    

Orchid's ' Indulgence'                                        3 hours  Rp. 460.000

Ideal for relaxation, stimulation and to trigger an inner well feeling-A drink of Hibiscus lemonade, a foot bath in essential oil & a relieving foot massage. Warm Stone Therapy for relaxation and to help to open up the meridians or energy pathways. A papaya body wrap, a vitamin lotion to replenish and boost your skin and followed by a refreshing ginger tea.

Orchid's 'Royal Treat'                                                       3.5 hours Rp. 530.000

A healing Hibiscus lemonade, start with a foot bath in essential oil and a foot massage, a rejuvenating aroma therapy body massage, then a chocolate scrub, an anti-aging thus detoxifying and revitalizing stimulant for body and skin. A cucumber facial will reduce oiliness and diminish puffiness of eyes & dark circles. A full body vitamin lotion, to revitalize your skin. A refreshing ginger tea.

'Honeymoon For 2'                                                             3 hours Rp. 850.000

A refreshing Orange-Cranberry coctail to open pores and blood vessels, a foot bath, foot massage & foot reflexology then a rejuvenating aromatherapy massage, a short sensual massage ( non genital ) to stimulate the sex drive, a boreh body wrap, a Balinese  herbal treatment to restore general health, vitality & freshness ending with a full body vitamin lotion to revitalize the skin. A refreshing ginger tea, will be served at the end of therapy                      

Orchid’s ‘Transformer’                                                                2.5 hours   Rp.340,000

A very comprehensive package of relaxation and healing -  a cool welcome drink  from Hibiscus for internal healing, a foot bath in essential oil, continued with warm Stone Therapy for relaxation and to help to open up the meridians or energy pathways. The treatment will be completed with a wonderful papaya mask detoxification and revitalization to restore general health as well as to increase blood circulation.

‘Revitalizing Harmony’                                                                  3 hours  Rp.385,000

A 3 hours enjoyment filled with relaxation and revitalization to relieve stress and to boost the beauty of your skin -    

Beginning with a warm foot bath with essential oil and a relieving foot massage, followed by a rejuvenating aromatherapy body massage, continued by a pampering boost with a body wrap of an intriguing hydrating Honey Yoghurt polish, feeding nutrition’s back into the skin to enhance the skins natural glow and beauty.

Cool Hibiscus lemonade will be served to calm the inner system.